For more than two decades, our executive search and recruitment professionals have worked with companies across Government, energy, and infrastructure sectors looking for Board, Executive and Senior leadership talent.

Our executive search services deliver unmatched results helping you to determine which candidates have the best skill set and motivation and values to align with your culture and strategic objectives.

We work with the Hiring Executive / Board across the business to identify, engage and assess the best talent to impact critical functions, including:

  • Commercial Development

  • Asset Management

  • People and Culture

  • Corporate

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Finance

  • Operations

  • Project Delivery


Engage People provide tailored recruitment services. We customize our recruitment services to suit the nature of the engagement, the candidate market, and the requirements of the client.


As well as tailoring our selection processes to meet statutory or company specific requirements, we often leverage our Executive Search process with advertising and other candidate engagement methodologies to maximise the candidate pool or drive timelines.


The broader market attraction and breadth of advertised recruitment can increase candidate diversity, particularly in engagements where a broad range of selection criteria is being applied. Our experience would suggest that this combined approach delivers the maximum applicable candidate pool for Executive positions in Regional locations, and for mid-level leadership roles in metropolitan areas.


Select advertising complements the search activity by promoting the position to the broader candidate market. In the case of interstate candidates this also offers the benefit of attracting individuals who are open to relocating.

Executive Search

Executive Search at Engage utilises a combination of research, network, and targeting techniques to develop a candidate pool that our Principals can then work closely with to develop a high potential shortlist.  Our in-house research team combine with our Principals to provide unique industry insights from a local, national and global perspective.

We aim to meet a 45 days to shortlist milestone with the majority of engagements completed within 75 days. Our approach uses a variety of techniques in order to assemble the highest quality shortlist. 

HR Consulting

Engage People has a proven track record in the development and delivery of HR programs. We have worked with a broad range of Executive Leadership Teams', Boards, and “People and Culture” functions to deliver value add services to support business transformation, skills development, and sustainable profitable outcomes for shareholders.


Talent Mapping

Talent mapping leverages search methodology to enable a company to better understand the talent that operates in specific sectors, companies, or role functions. 

It can be leveraged in many ways, including:

  • Better understanding of the competitive talent advantage of your major competitors.

  • Development of external succession plans.

  • Tracking of external talent – alumni, developmental candidates, Executive talent, etc.

  • Fast track key search processes in the future.

  • Support / underpin key company initiatives, e.g. diversity, community engagement, etc.

Recruitment Advisory

Engage People have been asked to unbundle their services on several occasions and we have utilised critical elements of our experience and process to add value to client recruitment processes.

Working as an extension of your People and Culture team we will advise on the best approach to undertake the whole or part of a process.

Remuneration Benchmarking

Our market understanding and reach enables us to provide sophisticated and statistically meaningful data into salary benchmarks.  We utilise a mix of primary and secondary research data sources to provide a robust and transparent view of market remuneration for a role or level in an organisation.

Where information is not publicly available, we will ensure that the presentation mode maintains data confidentiality.

Employee Retention

The breadth of our experience and engagement at the Executive level across industry enables us to bring strategic, tactical, and operational insights to employee retention discussions.

The leadership of the firm seek to add value to employee engagement and act as a strategic partner to the CEO and Head of People and Culture in retaining and developing talent.