Wind Turbines

Journey to Net Zero

At Engage People we believe businesses have a duty to contribute to society and the communities they serve. Our Business Charter sets out what responsibility means for us, and our commitments and ambitions over the coming years. Whether it's making sure young people today become the problem solvers of tomorrow, encouraging inclusivity and equality in the industries we serve, tackling climate change by reducing emissions, or helping our customers to innovate and deliver energy more efficiently, we will act.

Responsible business is how we do business. We’ll be reporting on our progress on these commitments and ambitions, whilst supporting industry in the race to achieving net zero.

Supporting our clients to develop transmission networks, offshore wind activities and the technology underpinning green hydrogen are critical elements of our strategic 2030 plan.

We are attending the “Future of Utilities” conference in London in June 2022 to better understand the challenges, opportunities, and issues facing the energy sector as the industry transforms to support electrification and decarbonisation at pace. Demonstrating our commitment, we will be flying carbon neutral, supporting accredited projects that offset the carbon footprint we are creating through our attendance.

We will report back in July on the highlights.


Offshore Wind

Offshore wind energy is a renewable energy source rapidly developing across Europe and Asia, greatly reducing the need for fossil fuels and a vital part in transitioning to clean energy.


Green Hydrogen

With the need for an alternative for fossil fuels and to reach net zero emissions by 2050, green hydrogen is quickly becoming a leading option for storing energy from renewables to tackle critical energy challenges.