Walking Under Gas Pipes

Engage People have specialised in the electricity, water, and gas sectors since 2006 and have developed a strong reputation for supporting the development of high-performance senior leadership (SLT) and Executive teams (ELT) through Executive Search and HR consulting projects.  Several our team have worked in the sector and our knowledge of the key industry drivers in the electricity, water and gas sectors on a global basis enables us to uniquely add value to the projects that we partner on.

We understand the challenges of working with the diverse range of private and public sector shareholders in a sector that is undergoing transformational change.  The increased focus on the customer, development of new operating models and delivery of commercial value has been a common thread through much of our recent work.

Engage People have successfully worked on engagements impacting Board, CEO, Executive and Senior Leadership Teams across Australasia in Regional and Metro locations.

For more information on how we can help you with your organisational challenge or personal career development focus please contact Ian Hughes on 03 9621 2777 in our Melbourne office.


Infrastructure markets in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly being influenced by Global investment trends and customer expectations.  During the last five years we have witnessed the increased participation of superannuation and global wealth funds as both passive and active investors in Australasian assets.

Our exposure to "best practice" in global markets from an investment, asset management, operations and customer experience perspective has led to the delivery of a range of successful Executive Search and Human Resource consulting engagements to better align Executive capability with shareholder and customer demand.

As we fast-track out of a COVID world, infrastructure investment will accelerate, and the talent required to safely and economically deliver the projects funded by private and public sector investment will increasingly become stretched across all aspects of the market.  Our exposure to Major Projects in diverse markets can help to reduce risk in your business and enhance your talent pipelines at a time when reliance on international talent markets may be problematic.

Critical engagements in the Infrastructure sector that we have successfully delivered include:

Executive Search Engagements

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Managing Director

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Operations Officer

  • Project Director

  • Commercial Development Director

Human Resource Consulting

  • Board Review

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Talent Benchmarking

  • Remuneration Benchmarking

    • Market

    • Industry

    • Role

  • Executive Leadership Development

  • Customer Experience Workshops

Sustainable Energy

The energy sector globally is rapidly evolving with transformation occurring across all aspects of the energy market verticals but specifically in the operations and dynamics of the distribution and transmission network service providers.  During the last twenty years providing services to market participants, we have noted substantive changes from a talent perspective.


We believe that current and future changes in the electricity eco system will require a different level of organisational capacity to deal with ambiguity as we move to a new energy world.  The network companies have been impacted, led, and continue to be influenced by diverse changes in the broader energy market.

The depth and breadth of these changes will drive substantive change in the skills and capability required to successfully lead in the industry.  Developing, acquiring, and retaining this talent requires focus and a dedicated partner with the ability to honour the past whilst embracing the future, the same challenges that are faced by leaders in the new energy market.

For further information on our ability to partner with you to develop, acquire and retain energy talent please contact Ian Hughes on +61 418 120 464.

Construction Project
Major Projects

Engage People have supported the development of major projects in transport, aviation, oil and gas, and the energy sector.  Our rich history of supporting the successful development of projects in Australia includes working with Arrow Energy and QGC in the development of coal seam methane fed LNG plants in Central Queensland, the scoping of major projects in the Pilbara, e.g., Methanex and learning experiences with projects such as Queensland Magnesium.


We have supported our clients across the project life-cycle from engaging with Government to influence policy and investment, through financial close to project construction and operation.  We are uniquely positioned to add value in a resource constrained market through our networks and professional search processes.


At Engage People we believe that Australia is entering a period of substantive major project growth triggered by market changes and accelerated by the impact of COVID.  In energy alone over the next decade AEMO has detailed almost A$15 billion of transmission investment to support the move to renewables to achieve State and Federal mandated targets. 


Major projects will impact the whole of Australia from the A$25 billion Sun Cable solar farm and transmission network in the Northern Territory to Project Energy Connect between NSW and South Australia to the A$3.5 billion Project Marinus between Tasmania and the mainland.


AEMO ISP 2020 Executive Summary Page 6

The community and talent impacts are immense as we create a war for talent that will exceed the commodity boom of a decade ago and the technology frenzy of the millennium.

At a practical level we have recently recruited Executive Project Directors to lead the Western Victorian Transmission Project and Project Energy Connect for Mondo and TransGrid, respectively.  Our proven track record and exposure to major projects was leveraged in both these engagements.

We would be delighted to explore how knowledge, networks and processes can support the development of your commercial development or major project initiative.  For further information please contact Steve Bartlett in Darwin on 08 7905 4704, or John Zahra on 03 9621 2777.