Our Process

Given the strategic nature of most of our engagements we mainly utilise Executive Search methodology.  Executive Search utilises a combination of market research, networking and candidate targeting techniques to develop a comprehensive list of individuals that are directly approached by Engage People. This approach produces the deepest penetration of the specific candidate market and is the most time and resource intensive methodology.


The search focuses on identifying and directly approaching individuals in specific sectors where potential candidates are more likely to possess the competencies and behaviours defined by the client brief and job description.


Reflecting on the initial brief and our experience, we agree where the initial search should focus to maximise talent.  We then apply engagement, assessment, and evaluation techniques (including psychometric testing) to ensure a robust and transparent shortlist is evaluated by the client.

We ensure that our process is aligned with Government or private sector process requirements tailoring key elements of the process to align with client need.


The key stages in the Search process are outlined below: