What We Do

Engage People identify and engage leaders of today and the future for high performing utility, energy, and infrastructure companies. The markets we operate in are disrupted and evolving, challenged by new customer, shareholder, and market paradigms. We are facing a generational change in leadership, technology, and operating models in parallel with substantive changes in work practice accelerated by COVID-19.

Identifying and attracting the talent that can operate in transformational environments requires a consistent and transparent approach to assessing the ability of aspiring senior leaders and Executives to be successful in a new and uncertain environment. Our deep understanding of different industries and functional roles combined with an inquisitive process that is underpinned by consultant rigour, psychometric insights and external reference points ensure successful outcomes for client and candidate alike.

Our deep industry knowledge, in-house research services and proven executive assessment processes, partner with you to deliver outstanding leaders who are aligned with your strategic goals, culture, and organisational values.

It is our role to partner with you to ensure that hiring Executives and Boards have diverse and inclusive candidate pools to engage with to make the optimal hiring decision for all stakeholders.

Sample Clients