New Energy

The global energy markets are rapidly transforming as we witness the development of a more renewable and sustainable energy eco system.  New energy sources such as hydrogen and the move to electrification are driving investment in new skills, technology, and infrastructure.

Our global exposure to new energy ventures and markets through senior leaders and executives influencing policy, developing new technology and driving substantive investment in the next generation of infrastructure support our clients as they face diverse challenges in a dynamic market environment.

Whether you are a consultancy, OEM, traditional market leader or a new energy market entrant our knowledge of the industry and where the centres of excellence are for specific skills and capability can help you grow sustainably.  Please contact Ian Hughes on

+ 61 3 9621 2777 for further information.

Recent engagements would include:

Executive Search Engagements

GM New Energy Ventures

Business Development Manager

EM Strategy Innovation & Technology

Innovation & New Technology Manager

Customer Solutions Manager

Sustainable Energy