Electricity Network Investment - "Once in a Generation Phase of Growth"

Recent announcements from AEMO, AEMC and the Federal Government have further heightened the awareness of the need for fast track investment in the Australian electricity transmission network.

The Australian energy sector is fast moving from traditional generation sources (coal and gas) to a more sustainable and distributed renewable (solar and wind) energy system.  The recent publication by AEMO of their ISP and SOO documents has reconfirmed the need for the industry to support transmission investment to support the development of renewable zones and system integrity at a State and National Electricity Market (NEM) level.

The Federal Government’s announcement last week to support the fast track development of Marinus Link, Project Energy Connect and the Victoria – New South Wales Interconnector (VNI) supported by a further A$250 million of investment further adds to the demand for project resources in the current market.
















Marinus Link Graphic (Source: TasNetworks 2020)


The Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP), QNI and Hume Link projects are also rapidly developing support in the market creating a project pipeline in the next five years in the order of A$10 billion.

We are excited to be involved across a substantive number of these projects but note that the historical lack of investment over the last thirty years in new infrastructure and the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic provide a unique range of issues for developers, investors, construction partners and the long term asset owner.

Creating the optimal project team to de-risk these investments will involve the need to combine a range of approaches:

  • Engage experienced international industry talent from markets that have recently invested in enabling transmission infrastructure.

  • Support internal talent with coaching and mentoring.

  • Identifying and engaging the best local (Australian and New Zealand) with exposure to key aspects of the project life-cycle and supply chain.

  • Hiring from aligned sectors that have undertaken major projects.

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